New production and storage space in the solar-powered building

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"In at the front – out at the back!" This is the slogan from Zweifel Metall AG in Amriswil to advertise its new production and storage hall. A discreet, ultra-modern building with components from Montana Building Systems Ltd.

Zweifel Metall AG in Amriswil, founded in 1985 by Bruno Zweifel, is a sheet metal processing company and has been under the management of son Andreas Zweifel since 2014. The approximately 70 employees develop, plan and produce series and individual parts for companies in the mechanical engineering, rail vehicle and defence industries, as well as in electrical and medical engineering - including, since 2021, in the new, solar-powered hall next to the previous building. The new building comprises 3,500 square metres of production and storage space; enough room for modern machinery and an integrated thoroughfare for trucks. In and out without turning manoeuvres according to the motto: "In at the front, unload and load, out at the back".

The following products from Montana Building Systems Ltd. were used for the new building: 1,200 square metres of MONTAWALL® MK 140/500 (similar to RAL 9002) for the interior walls, 1,800 square metres of MONTALINE® ML 26/300 (ORION II) for the façade as well as 200 square metres of SWISS PANEL® SP 41/193.5 (colour ORION II) for the roof and 3700 square metres of SWISS PANEL® 59/225 (ORION II; similar to Ral 9002) for the roof and ceiling.

Customer: SM Bau AG, Zuzwil
Owner: Bruno Zweifel, Amriswil
Architect: G2 Architekten AG, Altnau