MontaVision - our promise

We shape buildings.
With passion.
For the future.

We practise the MontaKultur.
Decency, respect, tolerance and personal dedication and passion are the basis for our success. As a team we achieve goals together and take responsibility for one another. We cultivate open communication and enjoy our work.
We MontaPeople make the difference.
Employee development has the highest significance. We enjoy trust and accept responsibility. Advancing Montana fills us with pride and motivates us every day.
We offer the best customer benefits.
All of our efforts revolve around the customer. Together with them we develop optimum solutions with genuine added value.
We set trends through the development of innovative solutions.
We think ahead with far-sightedness and use our innovative force for the development of future-oriented system solutions.
We stand for uncompromising Swiss quality.
What count for us are Swiss quality benchmarks such as punctuality, precision and reliability. This high-quality concept shapes our actions and secures our position as a market leader.
We have an obligation to future generations.
For us, sustainability means the gentle handling of resources and the environment. This attitude is the foundation of our corporate dealings.