Our contribution

As Montana Building Systems Ltd, we bear responsibility for the sustainability of our products along the entire value-added chain with great appreciation. We implement sustainability in our products and services through the so-called "three-pillar model" of ecology, economy and social aspects.

As a SME in Switzerland, Montana Building Systems Ltd. has been committed to saving enormous amounts of C02 and optimising the energy efficiency of its plants and systems in cooperation with the Energy Agency for Industry since 2013. Every year, targeted measures are defined with the ENaW to achieve the set goals. You can find the corresponding certificate here: Climate Protection & Energy Efficiency

CO2 reduction at the factory

Furthermore, we have committed ourselves to being CO2-neutral in our own operations by 2030. Our path to climate neutrality includes measures such as the conversion to LED lighting, that has already been carried out, and the installation of a large-scale photovoltaic system, which is currently being implemented. This PV system will feed the planned investment in a heat pump in future, so that we will become independent of fossil fuels. In this way, we are actively contributing to climate protection in Switzerland.


With today's importance of responsibility for sustainability, we are continuously working on product and process improvements. One resulting option is the return of packaging pallets, which we already practice successfully with some customers.
Our high-quality MONTANATHERM® sandwich elements are protected by elaborate packaging during transport and storage. Montana Building Systems Ltd. offers you to return the wooden pallets and the lifting slings to us.

You benefit by reducing your disposal costs. Instead of paying for the waste on the construction site, we take back the aforementioned packaging material free of charge and re-use it again for new orders. In this way, you can contribute to sustainability with minimal effort. Our transport department will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are convinced that with this option, we can contribute with you to a better environment. You can find more information in the blog post.


Packaging material that is directly related to one of our deliveries to Germany can be returned to the CH-Villmergen site free of charge for disposal or recycling by a certified company. This must be done after prior notification and separated by type.


Resources used to manufacture our products are used responsibly. By-products flow into reuse or recycling. Thanks to high-quality materials and production processes, our products are durable and can be recycled at the end of the product life cycle. Our system superstructures in lightweight steel construction can usually be easily dismantled and broken down into their original individual parts. This means they can be reused elsewhere or in other applications, or recycled at the end of their service life. Steel in particular, as our main raw material used, is characterised by its 100% recyclability. This raw material can even be restored with higher quality within the scope of recycling ("up-cycling").

Low-CO2 steel from Tata Steel

Zeremis - short for Zero Emissions - is the promise to the planet to become carbon neutral by 2045. The brand Zeremis represents the path Tata Steel is taking with its customers towards a circular economy and carbon emission-free world. CO2 savings can be reported as a reduction in Scope 3 emissions.

In the spirit of true partnership, Tata Steel has also committed to use the assets created by the sale of Zeremis Carbon Lite to finance the Zeremis project so that together we can reach our goal faster. Available for all Montana Building Systems Ltd. products.

Please find more information on the topic in our blog post.

Cost optimisation

We work closely with our clients from the beginning of planning to the construction of buildings in order to support them in the selection of materials, technical solutions and the realisation of projects within the framework of energy, material, economic and social criteria. In doing so, we provide support with our entire know-how as early as the planning phase in order to avoid costly planning errors that often only become apparent later in the course of the project. By making the right decisions already in the planning phase, the costs to be expected subsequently can be minimised. As a result, the quality of the buildings is high in the long term and the life cycle costs of a building can be optimised.

Continuous improvements

With today's importance of responsibility for sustainability, we are continuously working on product and process improvements. Not only the compliance with legal requirements, but also the awareness of resources and their consumption in the production of end products, leads us to continuous optimisations.

We also show our customers the life cycle of our products and describe the recycling content within the framework of sustainable responsibility.

Certification of buildings

There are international sustainability standards for building certification, such as LEED, DGNB or even BREEAM. Ask us - we will be happy to support you with the information required for these programmes.

EPD and ecobau - A special kind of life cycle assessment

The environmental benefit of some of the products from Montana Building Systems Ltd. is standardised and shown in a transparent manner. The details are registered and recorded in a verified document. You can find examples here:

Environmental Product Declaration EPD
Environmental Product Declaration EPD
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Montana Building Systems Ltd. offers numerous references of buildings in Switzerland and abroad that have been certified according to various standards (MINERGIE, LEED, DGNB, etc.), such as Actelion, Allschwil.