The contribution of Montana
Along the entire value added chain, we at Montana Building Systems Ltd., bear the responsibility for our products with great respect for their sustainability. We implement sustainability by means of the so-called ”Three-pillar-model“ of ecology, economy and social aspects.
As a medium-sized Swiss company, Montana Building Systems Ltd. has undertaken to save 243 tons of CO2 and to optimise the energy efficiency of the equipment and systems between 2013 and 2020 in cooperation with the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector. You can find the certificate here.
In order to avoid unnecessary waste disposal and the associated transport, involved, parts or the product packaging are picked up from our customers‘ premises after use and are recycled.
Our high-quality MONTANATHERM® sandwich elements are protected by elaborate packaging during transport and storage. Montana Building Systems Ltd. offers you the option of returning the wooden pallets, Pavatex boards and lifting straps to us. Read here how you must proceed to use this free service.
Resources used to manufacture our products are used in a responsible manner. By-products are used again or recycled. Due to high quality materials and production processes, our products are extremely durable and can be recycled at the end of their service life. In particular steel, as our mainly used raw material, is characterised by being 100 % recyclable. After the recycling process, this raw material can even be produced again in a higher quality ”Upcycling“).
Optimisation or the life cycle costs of buildings
Right from the very beginning of the planning phase, we work in close cooperation with our clients all the way until completion of the building in order to support them in the choice of materials and in finding technical solutions, paying attention to energy, material, economic and social criteria. In doing so, we support them already in the planning phase with our entire know-how in order to avoid costly planning errors, which often only become obvious during the later course of the project. Making the right decisions in the planning phase minimises the costs to be anticipated later. As a result, the quality of the buildings is high in the long term, and the life cycle costs can be optimised.
Global challenges require continuous improvements
Bearing in mind the present-day significance of responsibility for sustainability, we continuously work on the improvement of our products and processes. Not only adherence to statutory regulations, but also the awareness of resources and their consumption during the production of the final products, continuously prompt us to optimisation.
Certification of buildings
There are international sustainability standards for building certification such as e.g. LEED, DGNB or BREEAM. Ask us - we will be pleased to support you by providing the necessary information for your projects.
Ecological circulation of our products
We show our customers the life cycle of our products and describe the recycling content in the framework of our responsibility for sustainability.
Environmental Product Declaration EPD - A special kind of life cycle assessment
The environmental benefit of some of the products from Montana Building Systems Ltd. is standardised and shown in a transparent manner. The details are registered and recorded in a verified document. You can find an example here.
Montana Building Systems Ltd. offers numerous references of national and international buildings, which have been certified in accordance with diverse standards (MINERGIE, LEED, DGNB, etc.) such as e.g. Actelion, Allschwil.