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PRD is the only electronic directory of companies and construction products in Switzerland that is directly linked to the service description according to the standard items catalog NPK. Over 15,000 architects and planners have access to the information. They can find our products and services directly for import when making an order. The platform has recently been given a new company presence and and we are represented with our SWISS PANEL®, MONTANATHERM®, MONTALINE®, MONTAFORM® Design and HOLORIB®/SUPERHOLORIB® profiles.

What does PRD stand for? In the construction industry, the abbreviation PRD is used for product data. These are entries that are added to the neutral service items in tenders and quotations. The PRD contains the name of the manufacturer, the model and the order number. This enables precise, reliable and practical quotations to be drawn up.

The Swiss Central Office for Construction Rationalization, CRB for short, develops clear standards for the planning, execution and management of buildings on behalf of the Swiss construction industry together with trade associations, organizations and software providers. Construction projects are successfully realized when all partners involved work closely together. This requires clients, planners, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to exchange a great deal of information on a daily basis. With their standardized system and language, the CRB tools facilitate the exchange of information between all parties involved.


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