"pointedly folded, precisely perforated"

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The brownbag lunch is aimed at professionals from the fields of architecture, design and engineering. Knowledge, lunch and food are combined in an informal atmosphere at the SBCZ. 

On September 28, 2023, the KONKRET expert talk "Pointedly folded, precisely perforated" took place at the Baumuster-Centrale in Zurich. 

Architect Metodi Mihaylov from the architectural firm Staehelin, Gisin + Partner AG, presented the Eiweg project in Gelterkinden, which includes an office and 22 apartments and was completed in 2023. The property development steps and the design process of the golden facade made of prepainted, perforated aluminum sheet are discussed. Our Product manager Lucas Rodriguez  explains the process from defining the profile shape to the color scheme to the choice of perforation and the many individual options.