SBB's modern railway technology centre

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Around 30'000 items from the railway infrastructure sector are stored behind the modern façade - from individual fastening screws to complete switch systems.

With the new building, four previous workshop and warehouse locations were brought together at the Hägendorf site - Dulliken, Hägendorf, Härkingen and Trimbach. The new centre will one day employ 290 people. The facility is designed for the production of 150,000 tonnes of railway technology such as rails and switches for the Swiss railway network, making it the largest of its kind in Switzerland. The centre includes an automated high-bay warehouse, a logistics area with handling areas and truck docking ramps as well as a workshop area. The new automated high-bay warehouse, which houses around 14,000 pallets and 1,300 long goods cassettes, stands out as a striking building. Offices and a staff restaurant are located in the centre of the site. For the energy and heat supply, SBB relies on renewable energies, on the one hand with a photovoltaic system and on the other with the use of waste heat from the neighbouring wastewater treatment plant. The façade impresses with its successful combination of elements in five different colours.

A total of 5,627 square metres of MONTANATHERM® MTW V 100/1000 with concealed fastening, micro-lined outer shell, colours RAL 9006, 9002, 7045, 7035 and 7032 were installed.

Owner: Indubau AG, Gunzgen
General contractor: SBB Bahntechnik Center Infrastruktur (BTC)