BOX 27 - an extraordinary object

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Commercial and representation space under one roof: behind the elegant facade of the new building in Steinach are a commercial hall and a showroom for sports cars.

COVRA Metall AG from Goldach realized this new building in 2022. The building is divided into two parts, used on the one hand as a commercial space and on the other hand as a representative space. The chosen exterior color Seren Midas gives the clear geometry a certain extravagance that arouses curiosity.

In the roof, 826 square meters of SWISS PANEL® SP 153/280 Acoustics, in the color RAL 9005 deep black, were installed. For the interior, the customer used 285 square meters of MONTAFORM® Design Individuell Akustik, in the color Prisma Seren Midas (Gold), for the façade 1,270 square meters of MONTANATHERM® wall panels in the colors Prisma Seren Midas (Gold) on the outside, Deep Grey on the inside and for the canopy 158 square meters of MONTANATHERM® roof panels on both sides in the color Prisma Seren Midas (Gold).

Client: COVRA METALL AG, Goldach

Architect: Imex Architekten GmbH, Goldach