Objects of the month 2024

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We are very pleased about the large number of objects submitted and are always thrilled by all the creations! 

This year, too, the selection was not easy. The following 12 objects were chosen and can be followed monthly on LinkedIN and/or on our website. We hope you enjoy discovering them:

January: Baccinex SA (CR Métallique SA), Switzerland

February: OPA Bytom (Systemy Budowlane Sp.J. Czapla ), Poland

March: Residential complex (BTM Bauelemente GmbH), Switzerland

April: Swiss Museum of Transport (Alex Gemperle AG), Switzerland

Mai: SBB Bahntechnik Center (InduBau AG), Switzerland

June:  Office and commercial building "B2Binz" (Coverpart AG), Switzerland

July: Jaffa Port (I.P.L.A. PROJECTS L.T.D), Israel

August: Kaltband AG (Fixträger AG), Switzerland

September: AGVS/UPSA Training centre (Ray SA  Façades métallique), Switzerland

October: Meier Tobler AG (Dach & Wand Systembau AG), Switzerland

November: Areal Rynächt (ARGE: Bless AG, Erstfeld & Gebr. F. + B. Meyer), Switzerland

December: Kurt Schneider AG (SMC Swiss Metall Concept AG), Switzerland