Official EI30 recognition for MTW V 140/1000

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MTW V 140/1000 now with EI30 certification

The new generation of MONTANATHERM® sandwich wall elements has already proven its worth in numerous completed projects over the past few months due to its improved technical properties and optimised user-friendliness. In addition to this, there is now further good news:

The new generation of MONTANATHERM® sandwich wall elements now also offers the option of an optional fire resistance of 30 minutes from a core thickness of 140mm. The tests required for this have been successfully passed and the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF) has already officially recognised the results. The corresponding VKF certificate for the elements MTW V 140/1000, MTW V 160/1000 and MTW V 180/1000 can be found on our website (link below) and also in the VKF fire protection register at

With this addition to the range, the introduction of MONTANATHERM® wall panels with new joint geometry has also been successfully completed. The new standard range is now also complemented by the MTW V 100/1000, which is also offered as standard with immediate effect in the new joint design (minimum quantity 1,000m2).