Objects of the month 2023

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We are very pleased about the large number of objects submitted and are always thrilled about all the creations!
Even though the selection was difficult, the 12 objects for the year 2023 have been decided:

January: Hertipark (Gebrüder Meyer), Switzerland

February: School of music (SYSTEMY BUDOWLANE Sp.), Poland

March: EFH (Ammann & Thürlemann AG), Switzerland

April: BOX 27 (COVRA Metall AG), Switzerland

May: Sports hall (InduBau AG), Switzerland

June: Villas Martinets 42 (Ray SA), Switzerland

July: Polos Isolino (DEG.MO SAGL), Switzerland

August: MFH "Philera" (Wüst Metallbau AG), Switzerland

September: PackSys Global AG (Blemo AG), Switzerland

October: Residential complex "Vogelsang" (CH Trost GmbH), Germany

November: BRACK.CH (H. Wetter AG), Switzerland

December: Commercial building (METHABAU), Switzerland

All objects will be published and can be viewed, assigned to the respective month, on our blog under the heading "Object of the Month" or via LinkedIN.

Have fun discovering them!