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A company is only as good as its customers. We are proud of our many long-standing partnerships and would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty, trust and ongoing cooperation.

Fixträger AG is one example of many partners who have been with us for over half a century.:
The first major joint project was realized in Kleindöttingen from 1971 to 1974. It involved the construction of a steel structure and the realization of the roof and façade cladding of several halls. Mr. Läuchli, the managing director of Fixträger AG at the time, worked closely with our sales manager - Jörg Wendel, a one-off par excellence - determined, headstrong, humorous and unavailable by phone or in person during Fasnacht. A good and mutually beneficial business relationship began between Fixträger AG and Montana Building Systems Ltd.. The years were characterized by mutual support, helpfulness and attentive cooperation.Since 2018, Fixträger AG has been under the management of Mr. Raffael Blaser, the son of René Läuchli.

Since 2018, Fixträger AG has been under the management of Mr. Raffael Blaser, the son of René Läuchli. He has been associated with the company since he was a child and has been with the company since 2010. Promoting a positive working environment and implementing efficient processes are key aspects of his work, which he continuously drives forward. As Raffael Blaser puts it: "We have a long tradition of working closely with Montana Building Systems Ltd.. We believe that long-term and healthy growth can only be generated through partnership-based and mindful cooperation between producer and customer. Things are better together. No matter where."

And what does this mean for us at Montana Building Systems Ltd.? We want to continue to communicate openly with our customers, find joint solutions and stick to our quality promise. We feel that our willingness to help is important and appreciated, which is why we will continue to value this in the future. We also want to continue to adopt and implement sustainability trends.

The metal industry in Switzerland still has a great future, in which we want to achieve further milestones with all our customers.