New warehouses in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv

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The two new warehouses in Tel Aviv's Jaffa Port replace buildings dating back to the founding of Israel. And they are inviting - for shopping, music and theater performances and restaurant visits.

After four years of construction, the new warehouse and commercial area at Jaffa Port was opened to the public in 2023. The 40 million dollar project replaces the previous warehouses. The new Warehouses 2 and 3 connect to Warehouse 1, which was renovated over ten years ago. The entire complex is dedicated to community-oriented activities. Warehouse 2 houses a concert venue, several theaters, a play center for children, a clothing store, a fish market, restaurants and cafés. The smaller Warehouse 3 has been transformed into a colorful hangar made of containers and is run by an NGO for conscious design.

159 square meters of SWISS PANEL® SP45/150 A, perforated d=8/Tg=12 from Montana Bausysteme were used for the façades of the new buildings, and 2892 square meters of MONTAWALL® 140/500 in RAL 9006, perforated in the web d=4/Tg=7g for the roof.

Customer: I.P.L.A. PROJECTS L.T.D., 52215 Ramat Gan (IL)