Market performance

Montana Building Systems Ltd. is a Swiss production company that develops, produces and markets metal construction elements for roofs, ceilings and facades. In combination with our partner we provide our customers with visible and measurable added value. We continuously enhance the benefits for our customers with targeted investments in products, methods, processes and services.


Close customer contacts and good relations with relevant customer groups are the basis for solid partnership and cooperation.


We are part of TATA Steel and utilize the synergetic potential.

Net product and profit

With a balanced net product we make a reasonable profit, which ensures the existence and long-term development of our company. We continually invest in our infrastructure and secure the interest yield on our capital in line with market conditions.


We foster a culture of openness and mutual respect. We support our employees in their development and involve them actively in corporate affairs. Health and safety of our employees and our visitors is of the highest priority.

Social an environmental responsibility

We are actively committed to the economic and social issues relating to our resources and environment.